Why most don't get rich

Here’s why most don't get rich.
Procrastination & Inability to delay gratification 
It’s strange how things work with most people, worldwide. If there’s work, labor, physical effort, or mental effort involved, “procrastination” will typically kick in for most people.  We just put things off with “We’ll deal with it later” or “Fix it when it breaks”.
For things that we like -- buying a car, indulging in shopping, buying “stuff” -- we suffer from an inherent Inability to “delay gratification”.
According to Brain Tracy [http://www.briantracy.com/blog/general/5-reasons-why-most-dont-become-wealthy/], these are some of the main reasons it’s extremely hard for ordinary folks to move forward.
That thing called “time”
Self-made wealthy folks deal with time differently, and in many ways. They understand, perceive, and deal with time radically different from most others.
Michael Hyatt & Co. points out [https://michaelhyatt.com/how-millionaires-manage-their-time.html], after interviewing about 130 millionaires, that the truly wealthy people:
  • Get everything mundane and repetitive out of their head.
  • Guard time like it’s money: Do, delegate, defer, or delete,
  • Have a purpose and plan their days (and hence weeks, months, and years) effectively.
  • Take advantage of time to bring in the power of compounding interest and returns
  • Learn to say “no” more often than they say “yes”.
If you want to be rich, start really treating your time like money.

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