Want wealth? Stop giving up.

Too many of us just give up. Be it our business ideas, career milestones, our pursuits, and even on relationships. As humans, it’s understandable that we prefer to take the path of least resistance.
We want things the “easy way”. We don’t like change. We adore our respective comfort zones. But that’s precisely what will make you mediocre. It’s also the reason why the “self-help” book industry and the “get rich quick” propaganda are so wildly successful.
If there’s just one kind of training you need it’s this: train yourself to never give up.
Training yourself to not give up at the first sign of trouble will help you develop the right success habits:
  • You will automatically put yourself into a perpetual state of motion. By moving, it implies that you are always getting somewhere.
  • You are forced to think on your feet. You won’t sit there and ponder; you won’t muse. You’ll get into action quickly, and that helps.
  • Never will you have to suffer from the opportunity cost of inactiveness and indecisiveness.
  • When bad things happen (and they will), good things are just around the corner. Because you won’t give up, you’ll find your “next” opportunity soon enough.
  • By not giving up, you’ll remain in a state of positivity.
  • In a state of perpetual motion, you’ll always get new opportunities, make new contacts, and find new ways to do what you have to do.
  • You’ll avoid the loss of energy since there’s no space and time for you to sit and ruminate about anything negative.
Every self-made wealthy person you’ve read about or met is tremendously resilient. By just deciding not to give up, you can immediately improve your chances of success and building wealth.  
Make Rain,

Marc Ranger
Money MTVTION Brand

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