Pathways the Self-Made Rich Must Endure

Let’s just be selfish for a minute. We aren’t talking about anything right now altruistic like “making a difference to the world”, “making the world a better place”, or “making a dent in the Universe”.
Let’s just assume that all you wanted was to get rich. With that wealth, you hope to get access to finer things in life, take care of your family, and you get to travel the world without wincing about plane tickets and accommodations.
Let’s make that your primary goal. An ambitious goal in which you will endure pain, sacrifice, and stress. Of course, what you’ll specifically do to achieve that goal will vary.
To be amongst the “self-made” rich with multi-millions in the bank, here are usual pathways you’ll have to endure:
The Chain of Decisions and Choices
We all know that where we end up is based on the choices we make. The chain of decisions will have a direct impact on your goal. A few questions you’d have to answer right off the bat are as follows:
  1. What exactly will you do, month after month, to drive and scale the revenue and equity you need to build wealth. 
  2. How are you going to increase your investible surplus and optimize your savings?
  3. What kind of lifestyle changes will you be making to make point 1 and point 2 happen?
  4. What behaviors do you have to adopt and what do you have to give up?
Answering those questions isn’t as easy as reading this. What decisions are you going to make?  
The Time Management pathway
As a part of those decisions you’ll make, how you manage your time is going to be a major piece.
Here’s why: There’s no way you’ll ever get your 10 years back once they pass. Each minute will start counting down and what you’d do every single hour of every single day of your next 10 years will sharply affect the outcome of your goal.

As if that wasn’t enough, there are time sharks all around you -- family, relatives, friends, acquaintances, office colleagues, clients, and everyone (and everything) will want a piece of your time.

What are you going to do about it? How will you spend your time?
The Pathway of pain
Pain is not always physical; you also have mental pain that you’ll have to endure. As they say, “Everything has a cost attached to it”. Pain comes when you start making choices.
For instance, let’s say you choose to be in sales, where your income is determined by what you do, or you decide to start a business. You’ll then work harder than anyone else you know. You’ll see your friends have fun each weekend while you don’t. You’ll feel alone as the only person believing in your dream. You will sacrifice more than anyone else around you. You’ll face immense rejection. You’ll think about giving up 1000 times. Can you stomach this?
You must have an enormous amount of will power and hard-work ethic to endure these pathways of the self-made rich. W

What do you think you can handle?
Make Rain,

Marc Ranger
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