No pride without discomfort

It’s hard to get out of your comfort zone. But it's good for you. There is plenty of science to back it up [].
Most people don’t want to budge, or do something new, work harder, think differently, put in more time than they should, or go that extra mile (or two).

The average person tends to default to laziness. Being in a state of mind where stress levels are normal is the preferred state.

The average person doesn’t want to push themselves to do anything they are not used to because the ramifications could be positive or negative. In their mind positive might be good, but negative could be unbearable -- so why take the risk?

But there is another side of it all.

Every single success story is born out of the “discomfort zone”. Everyone who’s ever achieved something great did not manage to do it because it was “comfortable” or “natural” to them.

Success comes from pushing your limits, every time. None of the things mentioned below are “easy” and certainly not in anyone’s “comfort zone”. That’s exactly why you should consider them:
  • Don’t play it safe. Success comes from taking action, making mistakes, acknowledging those mistakes, and then learning what works. Take risks, make moves, acknowledge mistakes, adapt, and repeat. Roll the dice!
  • Go above and beyond. Why just do the minimum? Being successful demands the best of you. Push Yourself. Do it.
  • Invest in yourself and your business. Now is the time to be tooling up to take advantage of opportunities.
  • Read a minimum of 10 pages per day of something (books, articles, newspapers, and magazines). Get smarter and relentlessly seek to improve.
  • Leadership requires vision, guts, management finesse, and an ability to bring out the best in others. Hard, but a worthwhile endeavor.  
Being successful, making more money, and creating change isn’t for the faint-hearted. Are you a wolf or a sheep?

Make Rain,

Marc Ranger
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"Never give up. Never give in."

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