Modern Day Mental Toughness & Money

Making money in the business world is becoming more complex by the minute.  Everyone is fighting tooth and nail for every inch of their market.  This presents both opportunities and challenges that make it essential for entrepreneurs and business leaders to be mentally tough. 

Understanding Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness is a quality that determines how you face challenges while under stress and pressure.  It has a drastic impact in three areas of your life - Performance, Behavior, and your Well-Being.  An entrepreneur who is mentally tough will be able to:

  • Control everything around him and exert influence at will rather than just let things happen to him. There would be nothing beyond his control.
  • Focus all his energy on clear and measurable objectives, leaving no time for distractions.
  • Lead a task successfully with utmost confidence or anticipate insurmountable difficulties and never tend to give up.

Now that’s an unstoppable, one man or woman army for an organization. While it sounds all too unreal, you might be able to emulate those qualities with the following tips: 

See Things Objectively

Nothing is good or bad. It is a matter of perception. Analyze everything in an objective manner. No strings attached. Poor thinking promotes a low standard of execution and results. A triumphant attitude with good reasoning and insight changes the scene. It opens your boundless potential to make an impact and produce lasting results. Assess situations clearly and make moves. 

Don’t Create False Expectations

You will always want things to go your way but eventually something goes wrong. It’s a part of life. It’s normal that you will run into obstacles. Learn to embrace challenge and know that the road to success is filled with land mines. You cannot possibly control everything and some situations may be unpredictable.  But remember - life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react.  Take Control!

Be Stable and Think Big

Emotional stability and the genuine ability to act with a cool head is an advantage when it comes to dealing with difficult situations. Deadlines and competition will eventually drive you crazy. Do not let it get to you. You will only make things worse when you are flustered. Stay emotionally competent no matter the situation and persevere.

Bring In an Optimistic Dose of Realism

You will fall many times. You will be on the floor. People will step over you. You will stay there until you make an effort to find your feet. Make it a habit to get up after a fall. Having the ability to stay positive and hope for the best and ​​know that good things are to come. No Days Un-Alert- Stay alert for an opportunity and grab it when it comes.

Live In the Present 

The past or the future often worries business leaders a lot more than the present. Living life as it is and focusing on what is happening in the present allows us to see things as they are. Be concerned only about the things that you can change. The rest will fall in place when you have good momentum. Go one step at a time, day by day.

One of the exceptional hallmarks of living in the present is that it helps leaders stay true to their 'why'. Why are you currently pursuing a particular venture every day? This is very important during tough times -- when commitment may waffle. It happens to the best of us. The internal drive to persevere despite setbacks is what distinguishes the best from the average performers.

Persevere to Achieve Your Objectives 

Know your end game and go after it no matter what. Results may not come immediately but it’s important that you stick with it.  Be clear about what you want and the route that you want to take to achieve it. As long as you know that what you are doing will get you to where you want to be in life then it’s worth it to go through whatever is needed to get there. 

While you are at it, be bold.  Fortune favors the bold and pushes you to thrive in what would normally seem to be insurmountable situations. You can open new doors and explore new heights.

Time Flies

Managing your time efficiently will save you loads of worry in the future. Learn to leverage time in your favor. Mental Toughness is also about doing the best you can in the least amount of time - even when your business is staring down the barrel. 

The ability to deal with difficult situations is paramount on the road to success and inner happiness. Emotional intelligence, perseverance, resilience, self-control and attention to detail are essential to becoming mentally tough.

If you are a budding entrepreneur or a business leader, it is worth noting that everyone’s on the lookout for mentally tough people. It is impossible to succeed relying solely on technical skills. You need to be a lion! Mental Toughness comes from within. It is up to you to bring it out.

Marc Ranger


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