Creating wealth isn't for the ordinary.

When it comes to “going somewhere” and “doing something”, what seems to be a straight path isn’t going to be so.
This applies to almost everything in life.
If you are looking to create wealth, it applies to you even more.
After learning, analyzing, and looking into real stories of "Self-Made" men and women who paved their own path to creating wealth, a few things stand out (if you look closely enough):

The rich focus on:
  • Creating wealth and how they will drive new revenue sources and equity.
  • Improving skills, learning, attitude, and discipline. (This goes a long way to help you in your journey to create wealth).
  • Being frugal is a core value of self-made wealthy people.
  • The rich never got “rich” overnight. They put in work, paid their dues, and earned their stripes (we aren’t going to consider luck, inheritance, and wealthy spouses)
  • Your habits, your proclivity to take action (and the speed with which you do), and what you do on this journey to creating wealth will determine the final outcome.
  • The rich take risks. They invest. They network. They reach out. They hustle.
Ordinary folks:
  • Hate getting up in the morning to put in work.  
  • Absolutely love buying things (like cars, extra houses, clothes, and what not) with money they don’t own just to impress people they don’t even like. Meanwhile, they call these toys “assets”. All the while, they’ve been hoarding “liabilities”.
  • Do things that they shouldn’t be doing, if they wanted to create wealth like trading their time for money rather than being in an incentive based career.
  • Are averse to risks.
  • Don’t bother saving and investing money for as long as they should.
In short, ordinary people get ordinary results. Be Extraordinary and do what the rich do.

Make Rain,

Marc Ranger
Money MTVTION Brand
"Never give up. Never give in."

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