5 Wealth Creation Lessons

It’s always about hard work
If you had one hour with every self-made millionaire or billionaire, you’d realize one thing above all else. The rich aren’t the smartest, most educated, or highly-skilled. But they are almost certainly the hardest working people around.

Here’s what Reginald Mengi, the chairman of IPP group, has to say about hard work:
“I grew up in poverty, but I always saw it as a challenge. The good thing is that you can surmount a challenge if you are willing to pay the price. The price is hard work."
Don’t expect to get rich by just sitting there and dreaming about your wealth, feeling jealous towards others, and working for just 8 hours a day.
If you want more, you must prepare to give it your everything.
Experimenting is key
You may or may not like the word “experimenting” but if you want to get rich, be open to “experiment” or to “test things out”.

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, is now worth 71.6 billion and a large part of his success is attributed to how Amazon experimented with countless services and products.
Amazon started with selling books online. Then they got as many services and products as they could under the umbrella. Amazon also has Amazon Web Services and has rolled out an incredible number of other services and they continue to experiment to this day.
You might not start another Amazon, but you can experiment. Business ideas, approaches to your daily life, people, and more. You can experiment with absolutely everything, and you should. Through trial and error, you will find your way.
You manifest what you believe
It so happens that what you do “after” you start “believing” is fundamental to getting rich. Both the belief and the string of ensuing actions you undertake for a period will lead you to your goal.
Consider Oprah Winfrey: Oprah’s show was the highest-rated show and she also happens to be one of the very few African-American billionaires. You also know her journey to wealth, fame, and happiness did not come easy. In fact, she has had a lot more to endure than any other billionaire, given her background and upbringing.  But her belief never wavered.
Waking up every day while staying on path and believing that you will succeed is hard. But that’s exactly what you need to get through.  
Develop your own feedback loop
How do you ensure you stay the course when you are all by yourself? You develop what is called a “feedback loop”. Get yourself into the mode of constantly pushing yourself, questioning, and analyzing everything you do.
Elon Musk is an innovator, entrepreneur, billionaire, and a visionary. According to Melissa of Lenny Credit [https://www.lennycredit.com/learn/life-lessons-from-worlds-richest-people/], Elon oversees several businesses: Paypal, Tesla, Hyperloop, SolarCity, and stays invested in many more.
It is Elon’s feedback loop that helps act like a guiding mechanism and makes Elon who he is today.
The power of persistence
Being wealthy doesn’t come easy.  Most people tend to give up. Be it following up on a sales call, trying out innovative ideas, or forging your career.  The ability to stay the course when things go bad might sound ridiculous to most, but not for the rich.
Take George Lucas for instance. The popular filmmaker who crafted the uber popular Star Wars and the Indiana Jones Franchise, among several others. For all the fame and wealth he has created, he struggled early in his career after college making movies that were financial failures and having trouble getting financiers and distributors to back his projects. 
He found favor 6 years later with an Academy Award nominated film American Graffiti and by year 10 he released Star Wars
The lesson is simple: love what you do, stay persistent, and keep at it regardless of what life throws at you.
What are some of the lessons you’ve picked up? Tell us all about it.

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